Weight loss Tips from Professionals

At broaderminds.com you will find all kind of info related to weight loss, exercises, workout routines posted by professionals and regular losers(i mean weight losers :p). Here is a recent article from one of our loser, i hope you find it interesting-

Losing weight is tough.  It’s something I’ve struggled with firsthand since I was a teenager.   Over the years I tried every product under sun to lose weight.  I tried everything from diets to supplements.  From juicing regimens to Psychotherapy.  Nothing worked for me.   It was a frustrating learning process that has finally started to pay off.

weight loss story

It wasn’t until recently that I actually started to drop some weight. Thanks to a co worker of mine I started to lose chunks of weight naturally.  I didn’t realize it at the time but I was looking for shortcuts to my problem.  I needed a long term, natural solution that I could rely on for years.  What I didn’t realize at the time was that losing weight isn’t an overnight thing.

Here’s where I’m coming from:  Flashback 3 years ago. I used to crush as many cheetos as I could in-between rounds of call of duty.  For excersie I would walk to the fridge and chug some mountain dew.  I rarely ate meals on a regular basis.  Instead I just ate massive amounts of horrible food whenever I felt hungry.  I was putting food in to my body that had no nutritional value.  This is how I got to be as huge as I was.  Without noticing it I was living a sedentarily life style.  One that was sending me to an early grave.

I never had a problem with how I looked but as I got older I started getting concerned about my health.   When you are obese like I was, you’re more susceptible to diabetes, heart disease and other horrible conditions. I felt I owed it to myself and my family to do the best I can to make sure I’m around for as long as possible.   I decided I had to do my best to get to a health weight so I can be around for as long as possible.

That’s where all the crazy diet attempts come in.  I spent 2 years trying anything to lose weight.  I started to get extremely frustrated with all the products and promises that I bought.  I knew I needed change but I didn’t know where to look.

I really only started to see change in my life around July of 2013.  I just had gotten a new job and was able to hang around some new people.  On break one day, I got to talking about health with one of my new co workers.  I was giving him my usual speech about him how many diets I tried and how they didn’t work.  That’s when he told me something that changed how I looked at health.

“You don’t need to be on a diet to lose weight” he said.

I was so confused.  Diets have been around for forever as Far as I know.  Everyone is on one and there’s always new ones popping up.  What do you mean they don’t work?

My co worker went on to explain to me what healthy living is really about.  It’s not so much about weight loss as it is about lifestyle.  How your living affects your body just as much as the type of food you put in it.   I had to change how I was living before I loosed any weight.

My friend recommended the 21 day fix program to me.  This got me started off on the right foot.  It was crazy how exhausted I was after the workouts but it was worth it.  Instead of sitting around all day I was strengthening my body, giving it the power it needs to get to a healthy weight.  Losing weight isn’t easy on your body.  I had to learn the hard way that you have to do your best to help the process.

The second big thing I did to start losing weight was changing what I was eating.  My co worker told me when it comes to food it’s all about balance.  It’s not about eating one type of food all the time.  It’s about making sure your body is getting the proper nutrients and amounts of food to function healthily.

The biggest problem about diets is how they force you to make a bunch of big changes all at once.  Its super hard to change 1 thing that you’re used to, changing everything you eat and sticking to it is even harder. Everyone knows how hard eating healthy can be.  You have to make sure you’re eating the proper foods, eating the proper amounts and you need dedication just stick to this.  Eating healthy for just a week doesn’t do anything.  I found out the hard way that consistency is the only real cure for weight loss.

I started out my new way of eating slowly.  I would order a side salad instead of fries.  Drink water at home instead of juice.  My co worker even gave me awesome tips like grinding up nuts and other healthy things into a powder and then putting them in normal foods.  This way you still get the nutrients and you can enjoy the taste of whatever you put it in.  Making these gradual eating changes helped me develop a healthy diet that was right for my body.  It’s easy to stick to because I made it.

If you want to stop fooling around with diet programs you need to change more than just your food.  If you can change how you’re living then you can win the battle.  You don’t need expensive and unnatural supplements to lose weight.  You don’t need to stick to a tasteless diet every single day in order to be healthy.

I hope my experiences will help you to start changing your lifestyle.  Remember that losing weight is never easy especially at the start.  Like anything in life you need to approach your weight loss goal with hard work and dedication.  As I said above the 10 minute trainer is a great way to start exercising.  I would also recommend checking Dr Oz’s 2 week rapid weight loss plan instructions.  Good luck!